Winning Disability Benefits (Social Security Disability)

An online workshop on how you can maximize your chances of winning benefits if you are unable to work due to a disability.

Online Social Security Disability Workshop

Tuesday, April 11th
5:30 PM

Register today even if you can't attend at the scheduled time as we will send out a replay of the workshop! 

You can watch the online workshop from your mobile device or computer.

We will discuss the following:

How to Apply For Disability Benefits

Learn when and how you should apply for benefits to maximize your chances of success.

Avoiding Mistakes

Learn how to avoid common mistakes when completing your application and appeal paperwork that can cause your claim to be denied.

Getting Evidence

Learn how to obtain the important evidence you need to help increase the chances of your claim being approved.

Why we created this online workshop:

Every year hundreds of thousands of Social Security disability claims are wrongfully denied.

 However, thousands of those cases are reversed on appeal before a federal administrative law judge. We have years of experience helping people with their Social Security hearings and appeals. 

If you are disabled and unable to work, then you may be entitled to Social Security benefits.

Everyone who works and pays Social Security taxes is provided with disability insurance through Social Security if they have a sufficient work history. 

However, the system is not set up to help ensure disabled workers get their benefits. It is set up to deny cases. We help people win the benefits they deserve.